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Where it all began

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We grew up as part of a privately held research lab in San Francisco’s Mission District called Otherlab. Otherlab is best understood as an “invention factory” housing a self-described "group of mischievous scientists and practical dreamers that are working on making the world the way it needs to be." While Canvas has now spun out as a separate entity, we loved our early years at Otherlab and strongly recommend you go check out some of the cool things our "siblings" are up to. Also, watch this video to get a sense for what is driving Otherlab:

What would become Canvas was conceived as a project named Pneubotics. Our goal was to build a new breed of machine. Unlike most automation, which only works when bolted to the floor in controlled environments, we wanted to build a mobile tool that could perform out in the real world where most of the dirty dull and dangerous tasks are still found. Along the way we worked with NASA, Office of Naval Research, DARPA, as well as a well known automotive company and one of the big two in aerospace. This video by TIME will get you a pretty good sense for our foundational research work:

Below is some more press coverage if you want to dig deeper into our past:

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