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Transform your drywall-finishing process with the game-changing Canvas machine.

Drywall finishing has remained analog for years. Until now.

Meet ‘Basil’, your
digital drywall solution.


SFO International Airport, Harvey Milk Terminal 1 | San Francisco, CA


Chase Arena Towers | San Francisco, CA


UCSF Wayne and Gladys Valley Center for Vision | San Francisco, CA

What people are saying

As an early adopter of the Canvas machine, we see three clear benefits of the system: 1) It makes work safer for our tapers by eliminating dangerous dust, minimizing repetitive motion injuries, and reducing accidental falls; 2) the finish is amazing–and consistent; and 3) the machine makes the work much faster, improving our productivity metrics and making us much more competitive.

Jonathan Hughes

Vice President, Estimating & Sales
Daley’s Drywall & Taping

The Canvas machine is a lot safer and will make it a lot easier for us to do the taping process. I think it could change taping.

Anthony Cadena

Daley’s Drywall & Taping

When it comes to strengthening your business, the old rules no longer apply. You can’t use integrity. You can’t use quality. You can’t use on-time. Those are just permission to play. Our goal at Bouma is to leverage new technologies like Canvas, which contribute to Bouma’s success, while benefiting our people who do the work.

Andrew Rener

The Bouma Corporation

While software has provided great improvements to construction project management, many construction processes–including drywall finishing–haven’t experienced game-changing innovation, until now. NGi’s strategic partnership with Canvas aligns with our mission to continually demonstrate breakthrough, customer-focused innovation, while creating more attractive jobs for our employees and potential employees.”

Chris Taylor

Nevell Group Inc. (NGi)

“With Canvas’s technology, we are arming our crew with the latest technology and tools available to the industry to make our jobs safer and more efficient.”

Mike Powers

Alliance Partition Systems

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