Revolutionizing Drywall Finishing

Canvas, the world’s first robotic drywall finishing company, provides a new class of robotic tool for the drywall finishing trade. Delivering both Level 4 and Level 5 finishes, our machines improve the quality, speed, and affordability of drywall finishing while increasing the safety to workers.


Consistent Quality

Predictable and consistent high-quality results every time.

Labor Shortage/ Schedule Savings

Reduce touches on your walls, 1 day for mud application, 1 day for sanding.

Increased Safety

70% repetitive motion reduction, reduced work at height, 99% of dust captured.


SFO International Airport, Harvey Milk Terminal 1 | San Francisco, CA


Chase Arena Towers | San Francisco, CA


UCSF Wayne and Gladys Valley Center for Vision | San Francisco, CA


The canvas machines can be used everywhere there are drywall needs.





Data Center



Manufacturing & Distribution

Government & Municipal

What People Are Saying

As an early adopter of the Canvas machine, we see three clear benefits of the system: 1) It makes work safer for our tapers by eliminating dangerous dust, minimizing repetitive motion injuries, and reducing accidental falls; 2) the finish is amazing–and consistent; and 3) the machine makes the work much faster, improving our productivity metrics and making us much more competitive.

Jonathan Hughes

Vice President, Estimating & Sales
Daley’s Drywall & Taping

The Canvas machine is a lot safer and will make it a lot easier for us to do the taping process. I think it could change taping.

Anthony Cadena

Daley’s Drywall & Taping

While software has provided great improvements to construction project management, many construction processes–including drywall finishing–haven’t experienced game-changing innovation, until now. NGi’s strategic partnership with Canvas aligns with our mission to continually demonstrate breakthrough, customer-focused innovation, while creating more attractive jobs for our employees and potential employees.

Chris Taylor

Nevell Group Inc. (NGi)

The Future is Now. Let’s build it together.

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