Ingenious machines start with exceptional people.

We are a group of people who are at the forefront of technological innovation, working to make people’s lives better. We are constantly pushing boundaries of what is possible with technology and AI to move the drywall finishing trade into Construction Industry 4.0.

Our team is made up of experts in software development, hardware, data science, machine learning, user experience, etc. We are passionate about using our skills and knowledge to solve real-world problems in the construction industry and to make a positive impact.

Diversity & Inclusion

Canvas is a group of people who come from more than 20 countries. We come from different backgrounds, we have different life experiences, and we possess different abilities. Experience has shown us that those differences are both a strength and a source of inspiration.

We have found that when we encourage each other to bring our authentic selves to work, we make space for all ideas to be heard and for the best solutions to be found. And by leveling the playing field for all, we have created a spirit of true camaraderie and support, while also giving each individual the opportunity to drive their own career growth. At Canvas, we are as proud of the culture we have built as we are of the machines we have made.

Meet our Team

My favorite thing about being at Canvas is working with people with such a variety of skills and experiences. Every day I get to learn from folks who are experts in drywall finishing, software development, hardware design, marketing, operations…the list goes on!

Alana Yoel

Sr. Customer Operations Team Manager

Every day at Canvas has presented me with new challenges that push me to learn and collaborate with my co-workers. We all work to solve problems creatively and efficiently. I have rarely had the opportunity to work with such a diverse and innovative team with each member remarkable in their skills and openness. On top of that, it’s a very fun work environment.

Zelda Othenin-Girard

Sr. Process Engineering Manager

I enjoy building intricate robotic platforms with a meaningful purpose, and Canvas is doing that perfectly. Additionally, Canvas cultivates an outstanding culture, drawing in talented individuals and fostering a workplace that is both fun and kind.

Leo Amar

Electrical Engineering Manager


The Canvas culture is not only uniquely supportive, it’s now award-winning (two years running)! This year, we ranked #10 on the Silicon Valley Business Journal / San Francisco Business Times Best Places to Work list.

“Creating a new class of worker-operated machine for construction.”

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