Canvas 1550 Features

15’5″ Reach

The Canvas 1550 system has an extended reach of over 15 feet 5 inches for jobs with higher finishing heights. The Canvas system keeps your team safely on the ground reducing risk of injuries from falls. The 1550 will deliver a high quality finish up to 15 feet 5 inches at the same production rate as low heights helping your schedule and keeping costs down.

Over 4 Years of Proven Service

The 1550 has been in service for over 4 years now and has finished 250,000 square feet of drywall ! This machine has proven to be a strong addition to projects across the country providing safety, schedule savings and a quality finish.

The Right Tool For Your Larger Sites

If your jobsites have larger spaces and higher heights the 1550 can be the cost effective solution for your needs. The 1550 delivers Canvas’ patented 2-day finishing process. Deliver consistent high quality level 4 or level 5 finishes at the best value for data centers, industrial sites, education buildings, and other projects with large work areas.

Schedule Savings

Revolutionize your drywall finishing process with the Canvas’ patented 2-day finishing system. This innovative machine takes you from firetaped walls to a paint-ready surface in just two days. Not only does the 1550 spray the material with precision, but it also sands the surface, delivering either a Level 4 or Level 5 finish, depending on your requirements. With the 1550, you can achieve professional-grade results in record time, increasing your efficiency and productivity on every project.


The canvas machines can be used everywhere there are drywall needs.





Data Center



Manufacturing & Distribution

Government & Municipal

How to get it

Canvas offers both the 1200CX and the 1550 for lease. For further information, reach out to our sales team at

Canvas 1550 in Action

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