Canvas 1200CX Features


The 1200CX boasts an impressively compact design. Measuring just 34.5″ x 30″, this machine is 36% smaller than our 1550 system to enable operation in all of your jobs. Its reduced footprint allows you to effortlessly navigate and operate in tight spaces. , such as 8′ x 8′ rooms, making it the perfect choice for any project that has confined areas.

Easy Positioning

The 1200CXs all wheel steering makes it a breeze to position where you need it. This intuitive design will help your team ramp up to production speeds quickly. Its auto-positioning and self drive features will further increase the productivity of your crew.

8 Hour Cordless Run Time

Say goodbye to the constraints of cords and restricted mobility. This cutting-edge model operates on a powerful rechargeable battery, allowing you to work untethered for an incredible 8 hours on a single charge. Move effortlessly from task to task, room to room, or even job site to job site, without being tethered to a power outlet. When the day is done, simply plug in the 1200CX overnight, and wake up to a fully charged machine, ready to take on new challenges.

Schedule Savings

Revolutionize your drywall finishing process with the Canvas’ patented 2-day finishing system. This innovative machine takes you from firetaped walls to a paint-ready surface in just two days. Not only does the 1200CX spray the material with precision, but it also sands the surface, delivering either a Level 4 or Level 5 finish, depending on your requirements. With the 1200CX, you can achieve professional-grade results in record time, increasing your efficiency and productivity on every project.

12′ Reach

Reaching heights up to 12′, the 1200CX keeps your workers safely on the ground providing a high quality finish floor to ceiling.


The canvas machines can be used everywhere there are drywall needs.





Data Center



Manufacturing & Distribution

Government & Municipal

How to get it

Canvas offers both the 1200CX and the 1550 for lease. For further information, reach out to our sales team at

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